Where we are

Thursday evening is our club night in the YMCA, The Walk Cardiff at 7.30pm. If you are involved with a play then we also meet on a Tuesday evening for rehearsals. (See the map to find us.) We are usually able to rehearse in the theatre and we have the use of another room on our Thursday club night. Once the season gets going, those that are not involved in the current play meet there and may have readings of plays, (particularly the plays coming up) or work on possible fringe shows or just chat. Once 9.30 comes along we usually slope off around to Earnest Willows in City Rd. Directors will generally keep their casts 'til 10pm and most will join those not on stage for a reviving beverage.

Club Nights

Yes, we know, theatre groups are notoriously hard to break into ....
We always make a big effort to recruit and retain new members and we have been very successful over the last few years since the website has been up. We try very hard to integrate new people as quickly as possible and put them into parts or use them backstage as soon as possible. There are of course many jobs to do in the theatre apart from treading the boards. There is technical work such as lighting and sound. Then there is the satisfying and fascinating work that goes into stage-management, we are always looking for people to learn the arcane skills that make them efficient stage-managers. Then there are the unsung heroes that decorate sets or greet and serve our customers front of house. The Players pride themselves on being an egalitarian group without 'stars' and all members are expected to take up a paint brush or help out,'out front' if they are not involved in a production. The likelihood is that if you are reading this page you are interested in acting. Directors will usually choose a couple of plays each season with large casts which will give opportunities for newcomers to test the water.
We are a friendly group who like to have fun and enjoy a good social side as well as enjoying a high reputation throughout the amateur theatre community. We may be a very busy group but we try hard to encourage new members whatever their level of skill and experience. So how about giving us a try?

After Rehearsals

When the players have finished rehearsing we all like to relax over a pint and catch up with what has been going on during the evening. You can normally find us in our new watering hole The Earnest Willows, just around the corner in City Road which has certainly made us very welcome. We are a very social group and we welcome all newcomers to join us here and get to know us a little.